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RSP Healthcare is an incorporated patient centred private healthcare company.

Clients can access private and corporate medical and social care service virtually, at our clinics, home, and other approved locations in Americas, Europe, Africa…

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About Us

RSP Healthcare Consortium is an incorporated patient centred private health and social care company.  We provide specialist occupational health service, medical diagnostics and management, wellness screening, advice, counselling, and consultancy services direct (clinic, home, office, and location-based care).

“Our experienced and advanced consultancy services are built around you and your organisation, staff training needs, and company development projects.”


Founder, CEO of RSP HealthCare Ltd.

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Our Services

We are offering you a wide range of general clinical and non-clinical medical and allied healthcare services to private clients and firms.

Most people who have regular health screen have control over their health and well being.

We strongly recommend everyone to have regular health checks in order to stay healthy.

We will carry out your health checks at your specified place and convenience.

If you are not getting enough sleep, this could be prove to be a health risk than a mere inconvenience.

You have the right to expect that all communications and records pertaining to your care are treated as confidential.

Clients who want to be more involved in making decisions and view the experience as positive and valuable.


Why Choose Us?

Because – you want a ‘Reliable and Sensitive Quality Professional Service.  We offer you medical and allied healthcare you have always wanted. We deliver service that is designed around you and with you fully empowered. 

Our 'Reliable and Sensitive Service' are available at Competitive Rates.

We offer you medical and allied healthcare you have always wanted.

We see clients at our clinic centres, hospitals and health centres near them.

'Direct Service' is available to those clients who stand to benefit from our visits.


Latest News

  • RSP Healthcare Investment Opportunity 
  • At RSP Healthcare Consortium (RSP HC), we welcome long-term investments and partnership from businesses and individuals. 
  • In particular, we are interested in talking to all healthcare investors, health App technology developers and scientists interested in technology for both service delivery and health monitoring, including AI.  We are also interested in invstors from medical services program developers, pharmaceutical and life sciences, medical devices manufacturers, indivuduals, groups and insurance companies looking to investment in RSP HC to build their portfolio.  You need not have a medical background to invest at RSP HC.  
  • RSP HC is also seeking investment from innovative health property investors, corporate and consumer focus devices, healthcare instruments and ambulance providers.  Ideal investors are interested in developing RSP Healthcare Service and a typical investor is interested in a long-term investment for maximum profit.

What People Say About Us

Royce Pendergrass

“I don’t think anybody can do better than RSP HC. I am alive because these people have kept me alive.”

“I took comfort in knowing as long as I was in this hospital, I felt like I was in the best hands I possibly could be in. I saw people really working hard to see that I was okay.”
Crystal Anderson
“We want to be a place where patients want to receive care, employees want to work, physicians want to practice, and visitors and families feel welcome.”
Karen Craft
“RSP HC System touches more lives than any other asset we have. I applaud the visionaries who have come before us that have given us the healthcare facilities we need..”
Dianne Lamberth

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