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Home Care

We are proud to offer you our ‘Personalised Service’, delivered by reliable and sensitive medical and allied and social care professionals.

If your health is failing and you want our help or you simply wish to maintain optimum health.

Examples of Clients and Service Request

Many people can recall a story about how difficult life was with Aunty Nelly and Mr Brown who now needs twice daily carer support daily since their traffic accident.
When Leo lost his family, followed by period of illness, his life was changed for ever, once the heart and soul of any party, now too ill to leave the house and no one is free to help him get things done.
Once there were two community champions and now there is Joanna and June both too old to nurse each other and no one to take them out to Bingos and assist them with their meals.
Mrs Johnson died in hospital, Jack has since regressed and his only family Trevor his son lives in Australia and visits him few times a year but now he needs someone to help him with his appointments and shopping etc.
Mrs Ibrahim and her husband likes to go to the day centre near their children and grandchildren’s home so they can see their grandchildren can visit them few days a month after school. Since their parents are too busy with work to take them during the day time.
Mike and Silva are diabetics, Mike is poorly and has mobility issues and Silva has poor eyes sight and severe arthritis in her hands. She can do some housekeeping and cooking but needs help as they both find shopping and cooking difficult and both needs help with maintaining a suitable diet with light shopping and cooking.
Lucas, our supermarket manager sometimes brings his baby to work, his wife died at childbirth. His elder sister helps to take care of the baby. Lucas suffers from chronic back pain, and he is sometimes laid up for days without much help especially when his pain flair-ups in some seasons. He wants professional help meeting his hygiene needs such as help getting washed and dressed and some occasional cooking. He wants physiotherapy for his back pain and to learn about not aggravating his pain.
Mary and Simon, previously an avid dance at their local dance hall has aged beautifully into their 80’s with some medical conditions affecting their sight and hearing, mobility and memory. They now need support getting in and out of bed, taking care of their needs. These include health appointments, shopping, cooking and feeding, sometimes hospital visits.
Viola suffered from cancer last year now in remission; she also has diabetes, depression and blood pressure. She is divorced with children and no family around to help at night. Due to depression, lethargy and long standing bed rest she now suffers from bed sores which are not healing well. She needs someone to help out generally, to help with most activities of daily living and she needs mental health support and other services
Once on our website, you can also drop us a few lines requesting ‘Home Care Service’ using the contact us form by clicking ‘contact us’ button. Remember to include any special contact instruction before sending your request. We promise to get in touch with you as preferred as soon we have your details.

Telephone bookings is available for our existing clients booking with their clinicians.


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