Specific Health Tests

Specific Health Tests

Specific Health Tests

‡ excludes consultation with clinician which is strongly recommended but is not mandatory; without consultation £50 sample taking fee applies for blood tests.

† excludes mandatory consultation with clinician.
Audiogram hearing test from £165.00
Blood cholesterol and lipid test from £155.00
Blood group test from £160.00
Blood pressure check from £150.00
Chest X-ray from £175.00
Custom blood tests (most results received within 24 hours) POA
Diabetes urine and blood test from £130.00
ECG (heart tracing) with report from £255.00
Exercise ECG from £170.00
Lung function test  from £160.00
Mantoux test (Tuberculin PPD test, includes result certificate) from £165.00
MRI scan (post-consultation referral service) from £580.00
Pregnancy test (by urine) only from £50.00
Pregnancy test (by blood) + Consultation from £152.00
Thyroid function test from £162.00
Ultrasound scans from £295.00
Vision test from £220.00

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