We are offering a wide range of quality general clinical and non-clinical medical and allied healthcare services to individuals and organisations.

General and specialised GP consultations

Including ear-care, dietician and MMR consultations.

Online booking

Online booking makes accessing services easier and faster. Complete your medical assessment form and make relevant payment to start taking advantage of our services. Send service enquiries to

Most people who have regular health screen have control over their health and well being.

We strongly recommend everyone to have regular health checks in order to stay healthy.

We will carry out your health checks at your specified place and convenience.

If you are not getting enough sleep, this could be prove to be a health risk than a mere inconvenience.

You have the right to expect that all communications and records pertaining to your care are treated as confidential.

Clients who want to be more involved in making decisions and view the experience as positive and valuable.

Including medical assessment, consortium, appointment booking and contact form.

Including funding, accessing service, referral, gift vouchers, offers and prices.

Health and Fitness Programme to help with your health goal

Get started, Get Fit for Life, Experience the Feel Good Factor & Join the team and change your life
  • Health trainers can help you take the steps towards health fitness and well-being by empowering you to make healthy choices.
  • Health trainers support people when they wish to change to a healthier lifestyle through nurturing environments in which healthy choices are made easier.
  • Investing in a Health Trainer can help save your life or save money towards that special occasion.
  • Help is required getting fit for life
  • Getting fit for an important sports’ day
  • Training for the Marathon
  • Make healthy choices.
  • Help tackling personal issues that prevent people from making healthier choices by offering personalised support to prevent and or reduce risk of developing poor health habits.
  • Provision of tailored programme and where necessary additional support to enable people to make
  • Healthier choices, access relevant services maintain and take greater control over own welfare is given.
  • You will have training and develop skills required for understanding your health now and future needs.
  • The skill mix of trainers will ensure a flexible and responsive care for patients’ personal development; problem solving skills thus increase in knowledge and capacity for fit and healthy life style.
  • Adults seeking help and support with behavioural change to make healthy life choices are offered places on health training programme. 
  • Some people experience difficulties making safe or healthy life choices.  Why not take a general health assessment if you are unable to determine if you have any health risk factors.
  • Do you have health problems such as the examples below?
    Obesity, Gambling, Cleaning, Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Eating or Sex Addiction, etc.  

Booking: Use the online self booking system to access any of our services from the main page.

Clients are offered up to 6 sessions lasting up to 1 hour over six month initial period.  Telephone consultation may be required after this period subject to availability and progress made.

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  • delivers services locally and encourage recruiting of friends and families for support
  • Will use skills to help people to make changes and recognise achievements made
  • Will be friendly, approachable, understanding and supportive
  • Will be in touch with the realities of people’s lives and how it affects them
  • Will be available at the times of day people wish to access them
  • Will offer practical support and guidance, not preach and nonjudgmental
  • Will have good connections into local advice and support services
  • Will help people to assess their needs and self – motivations
  • Will help people set goals and plan how to achieve them, identifying and helping to overcome barriers
  • Will provide advice and practical support on what they can do, e.g. stop smoking, healthy eating, stress management, tackling social isolation, sexual health issues
  • Will build people’s confidence to make the changes they want.

All Health Trainers Apart from medical and allied health professionals are required to attend an intensive 12 week training programme to become Health Trainer.  Our Health Trainers work towards recognised qualifications, a minimum of level 3 City & Guilds Health Trainer qualification which is endorsed by the Department of Health.


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Professionals and clinicians provide private corporate healthcare services and training consultancy to clients at Home.

Sexual health tests

Your consultation may also be for various medical physical and mental health conditions.

General Health Screens

includes consultation with clinician and standard laboratory tests

Clinical Consultation

Interpreting service will attract additional charge per hour and this is payable prior to accessing consultation or treatment etc.


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