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Good To Know Information

Clients can register their personal or organisational service requirement.
Once registered, book your preferred service clarify if short term, or on a regular booking basis.

We offer flexible appointments with specialist and clinicians during office hours and evenings and at weekends in local office, replica watches site or home or other approved locations of your chosen.  

Clients can request to be seen by a male or female clinician, and in this case we encourage pre-booked appointments.  We do provide, but should you require this facility we may be able to advise you on suitable local services.

Whilst we are conveniently located to most areas such as West and Central and South London, City Centre locations near underground and stations and in parts of Kent and world wide service is available on request.  Tell us in the contact us form. 

Walk-in appointments are not available due to booking system.  

Clients are welcome to request an immediate appointment, if a doctor or nurse is available, the appointment will be confirmed immediately.  Please note, we cannot guarantee this availability that due to service demand.

We advise you to book and confirm your appointment by calling our reception (+44-0871-560-130) if you have not received your confirmed booking to arrange a mutually convenient time.  If a doctor or nurse is not immediately available, our aim is to provide an appointment within 24 hours.

Please note that children under 16 years of age will not be seen unless accompanied by a parent or other person with parental responsibility. However, with consent of both parties, a child under 16 may be seen privately for non-intimate examinations by a same-sex or female clinician.

Appointments for consultations or our other services (e.g. health screening or our medical escort clinic) can pre-booked by telephone (08715601013) or by completing the online form on the choose and book your service or click links preferred pages 

If you are not sure which services you will require, our friendly and helpful reception staff will be happy to discuss your needs. 
Note: We will ask you pay for your service when confirming all appointments. If you do not give us 48 hours’ notice that you wish to cancel or re-book your appointment, we will retain the deposit since we still need to pay the clinician whose time has been exclusively reserved for you.  If you keep your appointment or re-book with reasonable notice, the deposit will be counted towards your consultation or other fees on the day of your appointment.
Clients are welcome to attend with a family member or a friend. At your specific request made at booking, and where you have been advised to attend with one, they may sit in on the consultation.
For females undergoing intimate examinations or tests by male clinicians, it is our policy that a female chaperone is always present, for your peace of mind as well as ours so that probity is assured.  This chaperone may be one of the female reception staff when a nurse is not available; alternatively you may bring along a family member or friend yourself.  If this is unacceptable to you, please ask to see a same-sex or female clinician when booking. For further information, follow the link below for further information and to book your appointments

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