General And Specialist Services

General And Specialist Services

Your consultation may also be for various medical physical and mental health conditions.

Client and counsellor will then agree on an appropriate number of sessions.

The sessions focuses on enabling you to clarify your feelings, explore your emotions.

† depends on medication and duration of stay and * subject to a minimum spend on vaccinations.

Corporate discount is negotiable subject to terms and condition and contract period.

At a pre-agreed period, client and counsellor will assess progress made and determine.

§ includes consultation with clinician and standard laboratory tests. ‡ excludes consultation with clinician which is strongly recommended but is not mandatory.

Sexual and reproductive health service are provided by specialist clinicians and service providers in our clinics, community centres and private hospitals.

Members of RSP HC Corporate and Private Health Plan (CPHP) family members can now register to for additional, specialised and or dedicated Home Care service.


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