Frequently Answer Questions



Frequently Answer Questions

Social Responsibility RSP Healthcare is committed to our Social Responsibility and to Supporting New Businesses. We support charities through the corporate work exchange volunteer programme, providing ‘Free Work Place Health and Consultancy’. We also offer one time ‘Free Consultancy’ and a highly discounted Corporate Health Packages, Occupational Health, Employee Supervision and Training in, Health and Safety, First Aid, Nursing Assistant Training, infection Prevention and Control etc., to small businesses with 1-5 employees. We recognise that many organisations may require our services so, we visit the News and Info pages for more.

RSP Healthcare Consortium is offering Free Membership to Professionals wishing register with the Consortium. Application form is available online. Businesses 2 Business programmes promotes service collaboration and outsourcing with us.

Medical Escort, Air Angels, Flight Nursing, Nurse or Doctor Medical Repatriation services are available when travelling abroad and feeling vulnerable, require urgent rescue support, you want to return home safely continued care. Service is also available people and companies when transferring people between airports.

RSP Healthcare professionals protects and takes clients confidentiality and anonymity seriously. Consultations are normally takes place at our clinic. However, our flexible and person centred service allow service delivery in approved venues like hotels, clubs, office, social venues for clients who has met our terms of service. Complete the contact us form to discuss your requirements.

We can assist and advice clients requiring DNA test. People have DNA test determine Paternity – legal or peace of mind, Maternity, mtDNA, Profile Immigration Siblinship, DNA Twin Zygosity, Ancestry, Lineage, Gender etc.


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